My photography journey started years ago when I began to document the smallest of occasions along with the most monumental ones in my own life. I knew that I wanted to relive these memories throughout my life and eventually leave them behind my for my own legacy.

This passion sprouted into a career and I haven’t looked back, not for a single moment.

As a film photographer I aim to create photographs that are romantic and organically inspired. I love natural light and working in the outdoors. Outdoor weddings are definitely a personal favorite. Whether it’s on the beach with a salty breeze, a cold snowy mountain top or even in Charleston under the spanish moss I will be there in a heartbeat!

I believe that the key to great photographs is connection. Not only the connection between yourself and your partner but the connection with your photographer too! Thus why I encourage a coffee date (my treat) and engagement session before your wedding day. I mean, who wants a complete stranger taking their photos? #awkward

If it sounds like we’re a good match send me a message and we can get this conversation started. I cannot wait to meet you!