Recently I was asked, “what is your favorite part of being a photographer?” My answer was quick and very natural for me to say.

“I love making the women I photograph feel beautiful.”

So simple, right?

I think it’s safe to say that most women have insecurities and suffer from self-confidence issues. I believe the media plays a huge role in this and now in the age of social media where photoshop is the new norm, women are being fed false realities and un-realistic expectations constantly. Which is leading women to compare themselves to others more than ever.

Showing who I am photographing how beautiful she is through my photography is incredibly fulfilling for me.

Boudoir photography may have gotten a bad wrap in the past for being overly sexy, highly-retouched, and tacky. My approach to boudoir photography incorporates fine art photography, highlighting my subject in a way that is soft, elegant, and inspired by natural beauty.

Fine Art Boudoir Photographer located in North Carolina

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