Bridal Portrait Sessions are booked with a photographer and a bride-to-be prior to her wedding day. This portrait session is all about the bride. The bride will wear her wedding dress, have her hair, and make up complete in the same style that she plans to wear on her wedding day.

Bridal Portraits are a common southern wedding tradition here in North Carolina. North Carolina Brides want to have, hold, and share these photographs with future generations. Another thing that is common is to have a large portrait from the session framed and displayed at the wedding, and then later displayed in the family home.

these are the top reasons why I always encourage a bridal portrait session for my lovely clients

1. Get familiar with your photographer

Every photographer speaks and directs in their own way. Having photographed with your photographer prior to your wedding day is a great way to learn their lingo and feel what it is like to step in front of their lens. This way when the wedding day arrives you already have a connection and know what to expect!

North carolina Wedding Bridal Session at Ritchie Hill in Concord, NC

2. Let’s get really creative

Wedding days are dynamic and our time for solo portraits is usually kept to a minimum to capture the magic of what makes a wedding day so special —the true moments as they unfold. With a dedicated portrait session to you, we can get as creative as we please. If you’re drawn to the editorial style of photography then this reason alone is enough of why you will definitely need a bridal portrait session!

3. You can make changes if you would like

Since you will be receiving your bridal photographs prior to your wedding day you will have the chance to truly see how you will look on camera in your full wedding day look. This is a wonderful thing because if you see something you would like to tweak before your wedding day, you can! Maybe you decide you would like to wear your hair down rather than an updo, or maybe you decide that a veil would be a great addition, or maybe you love everything exactly the way it is and now you have that extra confidence to carry with you!

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