Emerald Isle, NC Engagement Session

Being an Emerald Isle, NC Portrait Photographer is a blessing; I’m constantly surrounded by natural beauty, landscapes, an ocean breeze, and good lighting. Today, I share one of my all-time favorite portrait sessions that I photographed at one of my favorite locations to photograph on Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Can we all agree that these images look like they are a teaser for the next Nicholas Sparks movie taking place in a charming small town somewhere in the Carolinas?

I think what made this portrait photography session on Emerald Isle so special is the mixture of the connection that Monica and Jon clearly have for one another, and the fact that Emerald Isle makes for the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

When planning your Emerald Isle Portrait Photography session, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are my top three tips that will help make the most out of your photography session on Emerald Isle beach!

1) Sunrise or Sunset

The best time to photograph on the beach is going to be either sunrise or sunset when the light is the softest and the most flattering. During the summer months when the beaches are very busy, or when afternoon showers are the daily norm, sunrise might be the best option for your session. Just know that if we are scheduling for a sunrise session, we’re going to be getting up very early! But the result is totally worth it.

2) It’s windy, and it’s sandy…just roll with it!

This should probably go without saying but when photographing on the beach, you have to remain a little lowkey and relaxed. Let’s embrace the island lifestyle and just roll with it! If you’re concerned about your hair blowing in the wind, I would recommend bringing a hair tie to pull a cute messy bun together, or even a hat for a fashionable touch! Whatever you need to do that will help you be at ease and stay present during your session is a huge plus!

3) Plan ahead & be on time

A portrait session is an investment of your time and money, let’s make the most of it. I schedule my client’s sessions very strategically around natural light so I can provide the very best photographs for them. If you are late to your session, that will result in a loss of photos in the most desired lighting, and fewer photographs in total. It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes early to your scheduled start time.

*Bonus tip*

If you are visiting Emerald Isle on vacation I always recommend that you book your portrait session towards the beginning of your time here on Emerald Isle. Having those extra days will allow us to reschedule if the weather is an issue. Another thing, use sunblock! We wouldn’t want you to be sunburnt in your photographs!

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