Fort Lauderdale Family Portrait Photography

Ahhh…this family portrait session makes my heart sing every time I look at the photos! Originally Catherine’s husband was joining us for their family portrait session in Fort Lauderdale but due to weather issues, having to reschedule twice, and then he having to travel back to Canada, we missed him! We were all bummed but decided to move forward anyway.

This accidental “Mom & Us” portrait session turned out to be so special. Catherine is also a portrait photographer and is just the most fun out there!

These photographs are perfect in my eyes. They feel like fun, they feel like true moments, they just feel like family. Although Catherine is a seasoned photographer, she truly let go and allowed me to guide her and the children.

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We’re spoiled with beautiful locations here in South Florida. We were the only ones on this beach. Book your session with me and I’ll share all of my favorite spots with you! 🙂


Fort Lauderdale Family Photographer


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