One thing is for sure, brides and grooms are catching onto the light, airy, and dreamy look of film wedding photography. For the past several years, I have noticed many clients have chosen me as their wedding photographer because I shoot film; sometimes, it’s one of the first questions they ask me during our consultation call.

Here are 5 of the many reasons I choose to shoot film as a wedding photographer

1. The Overall Aesthetic

The main reason I shoot film is because of the look, simply put! Film has the capability to retain highlights and colors that are true to life, and has this “soft”, ethereal like texture while simultaneously keeping them vibrant and full of life.

2. The Method of Shooting

I truly believe that shooting film makes you a better wedding photographer, and I know most of my colleagues will agree with me on this! Shooting film pushes me to focus on capturing the very best–from the light, the angle, down to the exact moment. When shooting film I focus on composing and creating “perfect” images rather than clicking away HOPING that I landed a good shot out of a bunch. There are only 16 to 36 images on a roll of film, each costing over $2.00 once developed, all of this goes into the fact that being a film photographer requires you to go after quality over quantity.

3. High-End, Instant Heirloom

Shooting with film gives me this rich, full of life feel to my images. Each image is an instant classic and carries a nostalgic heirloom feel.

Film Photography FAQ

  1. How will I receive my film images?

You will receive your film images the same way you will receive your digital ones, through an online gallery. The film images will be edited for color and tones and delivered in a high-resolution form through your own personal online gallery.

2. Do you shoot in digital too?

Throughout your wedding day, my second photographer is mostly shooting digital while I am mostly shooting film. I will use the color profile from the film images when editing the digital photos; this way, everything is cohesive throughout your wedding gallery.

3. Why are film photographers more expensive than others?

Film Photographers will definitely be more of an investment than digital shooters. This is a combination of the use of equipment, skill required, and the cost of goods involved when shooting film. Each film image costs roughly $2-$3 from the initial purchase to the final development. A healthy budget for a film should begin at $6,000. Anything less should raise flags about whether they are a hobbyist or a professional and just how much film are they actually shooting.

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Melissa Blythe Miami Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer
Melissa Blythe North Carolina Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer
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