My clients want every aspect of their wedding day to be thoroughly captured in a way that is elegant, refined, and luminous. This is the style of photography that I am known for creating, it’s my signature style and this is why clients choose me!

In order to keep wedding galleries consistent in theme, light, and overall aesthetic I strongly urge my clients to not overlook the details when it comes to choosing their getting ready location also known as bridal suites and groom suites.

The bridal or groom suites should be chosen with just as much intentionality as the venue itself.

After all, some of the most heartfelt moments of the day happen in these spaces. For example, a mother assisting her daughter into her wedding gown, the exchange of letters from bride to groom, your detail photographs the gathering of your wedding party, etc.

Take this scenario for example; Let’s say you’re having a Miami Destination Wedding. Your wedding day has a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic with a soft color palette. Think soft blues, crisp whites, with touches of pink.

The last thing we want is for you to be stuck in a subpar lit hotel room with bright, neon, flashy and trendy Miami Vice decor.

Below I have outlined your top three must haves when choosing your bridal suite. If the space you have chosen checks all of the marks, you’re golden!

1. Windows are your best friend

As a film wedding photographer, the key to making beautiful and luminous photographs is natural light. So the absolute first thing we need to make sure of is that whatever space you are getting ready in, there is plenty of windows. Natural light is our best friend!

2. Consider the decor

This ties in with what I was saying earlier, we want to keep your final wedding gallery in mind while choosing your getting ready suite. Just imagine how odd it would be if you choose a historic B&B to get ready in that is filled with antiques but your wedding ceremony and reception are sleek and modern? When in doubt, choose an option that is on the simpler side. We can make a lot happen with a neutral space rather than rearranging and “hiding” items that do not help shape the story of your wedding day.

3. Enough Space

Things can quickly become cramped and clustered feeling if your bridal suite does not adequate space. Do not forget, this is not only where you, your entire bridal party, probably your mother and maybe even the mother of the groom will spending the entire morning but also myself, my second photographer, perhaps even our photo assistant, plus the makeup artist, hairstylist, and their crew. We’re talking roughly 20 people at times!

We want your morning to be spent at ease with feelings of excitement and happy flowing energy. Not feelings of cluster or stress due to an over-packed room.

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