More often than not, during the early stages of consulting with my client, I am asked, “will you help pose us?”. Unless you are frequently in front of a camera, it is totally normal to feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of “posing.”

I never want my clients to feel uncomfortable or as if they should arrive in front of my lens, knowing how to “pose.”

Actually, I wouldn’t say I like to use the word “pose” because it sounds so conformed and static. With my method, I prefer to guide my clients in front of my lens. I incorporate prompts, fluidity, and attempt jokes (haaaa) to encourage movement, fluidity, and laughter.

There is an art to guiding your subjects to feel natural and look amazing on camera.

This is why it is SO important to book a wedding photographer who has experience working with different environments, couples, body types, heights, etc.!

I have studied body language, worked with various body types, and have personal modeling experience, which had equipped me with the knowledge and art of posing my clients with ease.

Simply put, I know how to relax you AND make you look *amazing* on camera. My favorite thing in the world is delivering photographs to a client and them falling in love with the way they look, especially you brides!!

Below I’m giving you an inside look at what it is like to be guided through your portraits with me as your photographer. Here are a series of photographs from a real wedding that I recently photographed. I am also sharing the exact verbal cues that I gave to guide my clients, Josh & Cynthia, into these photographs!

1. Hold hands & walk together

Why it works: Movement. Candid-esque. It’s a great transition pose, and it also puts couples at ease.

What I said: “I want you to walk together. Josh will lead by one step. While you walk, keep your eyes on each other. You can smile, laugh, or even lean for a kiss. Whatever you do, just keep looking at each other!”

Why couples love it: Everyone knows how to walk, right? This gives couples an instant confidence boost during their portraits. Also, have you ever took a walk and tried to not look at the ground? It’s not that easy. This ensures some giggles along the way.

Pro Tip: Walk slow!

2. Pausing mid-walk and facing me

Why it works: We are transitioning from one pose into another with little effort while creating a whole new look and feel.

What I said: “Pause right there. Keep holding hands and smile right at me.”

Why couples love it: This is a great photo to have because it shows off your entire wedding attire. Also, wedding days are long. My clients definitely appreciate me being efficient as possible during our portrait time without leading them around the entire vicinity of the venue.

Pro Tip: Remind the groom to relax his free hand rather than having it tense or hard pressed against his leg.

3. Groom forward facing & Bride facing sideways

Why it works: This is super flattering for both the bride and groom. A more masculine stance for men is to face the camera straight on and a more feminine, body-flattering angle for women is to stand side-ways towards the camera. AND this is a beautiful way to show off the shape of wedding dresses and veils too.

What I said: (coming from previous pose above ^)

“Josh, turn your body straight towards me. Cynthia, walk up to Josh’s (right) side. I want you to be facing me sideways. Okay, get close and now loop your arm through his. Josh, you can have your hands lightly touch in front of you.”

Why couples love it: They do not have to think of anything to do with their hands!

Pro Tip: Move in closer for a tighter shot, like the one below!

4. Let’s grab a glass of bubbly!

Why it works: It’s a fun shot with a cute prop! Ask your assistant, the wedding planner, or maid of honor to bring out a glass of bubbly to where you’re taking portraits.

What I said: Honestly, not much! I let them have a minute to themselves here and will give quick directions such as “smile at me real quick” or “lean in for a kiss.”

Why couples love it: They haven’t had a moment to truly relaxxxxx all day. This is a breath of fresh air for them before going into reception.

Pro Tip: Keep this “pose” short and sweet. We don’t want too many photographs with alcohol involved.

5. The teeth kiss!

Why it works: It’s an uncomplicated romantic pose.

What I said: Once I positioned Josh by the tree, I had Cynthia walk up and face her body towards his and gave them a short rundown on what a “teeth kiss” is.

“Go in for a kiss, get super close without letting your lips touch, and let out a big smile.”

Why couples love it: The final photograph is a bit editorial.

Pro Tip: Reassure your subjects that they are looking amazing! I can often be heard saying, “It may feel awkward, but I promise that you look amazing!”

6. Walking straight towards me

Why it works: It’s uncomplicated, creates movement, and you can create many different photographs from this simple prompt.

What I said: “Hold hands, look at each other and walk straight towards me”

“Okay pause right there and go in for a kiss!”

I also asked Cynthia to hold her dress because I thought that looked very chic and natural since we were in a wooded area.

Why couples love it: Easy pose, natural feeling, looks beautiful.

Pro Tip: If you’re walking backward to keep your subject in focus, watch where you step & don’t trip! #beenthere


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