Micro-Wedding, intimate wedding, Covid-Wedding, and Covid-Bride have been the defining words for the wedding industry in 2020. Having a Micro-Wedding style of celebrating has become the new normal for many couples this year. I understand and sympathize with those who are determined to be married despite the current climate and are forced to forgo their original wedding day plans.

The bright side of things is that micro-weddings, intimate weddings, and elopement style weddings have now reached an all-new level of style. I mean, these micro-weddings are STUNNING. Couples have chosen to adopt this mentality of “Fine. You can take away my guest list, but that doesn’t mean I will be forced to sacrifice my style and design”. And I am so happy about this!

Having a micro-wedding does not mean that you have to have a boring, bare, or plain wedding by any means. With a micro-wedding, you can still focus on creating an experience for yourself and your guest list, no matter the size!

Below I will share a variety of my favorite moments, photographs, and elements that can serve as inspiration for your own micro-wedding, elopement, or intimate wedding!

micro wedding tablescape
This Miami micro wedding had the most beautiful tablescape design. Though this table was set for six guests only, the candles, florals, overall atmosphere provided a beautiful experience.
With a Micro-Wedding timelines and wedding day events tend to be more relaxed, which is the perfect opportunity to maximize your portrait time together. Often on full wedding days, it is a luxury to have more than 30 minutes of solo portrait time as bride and groom. With a Micro-Wedding, you have more control over YOUR day. Just another silver lining to a micro-wedding 🙂
When planning your Micro-Wedding consider what elements you are really drawn to and what you would like to focus on. For many of my clients, it was their flowers and attire, specifically their dress and shoes that they did not want to sacrifice! The motto is Micro-Wedding with Macro-Style.

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